Interview: CB Archer

I’d like to welcome my besty CB Archer to my blog! CB has kindly agreed to be interviewed today for our pleasure! You can read my review of the Anders’ Quest Series here.


Hello! Tell us a little bit about yourself and your books.

Hello! I am CB Archer and I have a black belt in Elfrotica.

I have two series right now under my Annals of Gentalia Franchise.

The Anders Quest Series (Breakers of the Code, Fighters of the Code, and Patchers of the Code):  This is a three part full length fantasy novel series. Yes, full length novels, so you are in for a fully fledged sex journey, not just a sex romp!

The Tales of Gentalia Series: These are short length Novelettes. They are stand alone stories that each parody different games and genres. Technically, they can be read out of order if you wish. These are sex romp length stories, for the reader who has their hands full! This series is over half published, so there are still up and coming stories to look forward to!

What attracted you to the comedy monster/elf smut niche?

Well… elves are sexy, and I couldn’t let all Elfrotica my martial arts training go to waste!

Okay, what really attracted me to this niche was that was what this story was supposed to be. The plot that developed for the story could only have developed if it was in this obscure little niche. Plus, it is fun because there is giant monster cocks and stuff!

The Anders Quest series features a wide range of LGBTQIA characters. Was diversity one of the most important things when it came to your writing or does it reflect your reality as an Own Voices gay author?

I have so much diversity in my books that I even have some heterosexuals!

The real world is diverse, and I wanted to show that in my stories. I have a lot of friends that fall under different letters, and I really think that the literary world (heck, all the worlds out there, movies, video games, greeting cards, everything) could do with being a little more diverse. I am pretty sure that there are enough white scruffy heterosexual tough guys with short brown hair represented out there.

Come on world, we can do better. When an m/m erotica author’s work has more strong women characters than your average Hollywood blockbuster – there is a problem.

Who is your favourite character in the series?

I couldn’t pick a favourite. Seriously, the other characters in my head would get so upset with me if I didn’t pick them. The last thing I need is the cold shoulder from the entire rest of the cast because I didn’t pick them in this interview question!

I love them all; otherwise they wouldn’t be in my books. (Even if some of them are complete jerks!)

Who are your major literary influences?

My main influences are the authors that get Google Searched the most, so that their names will be on this page, and it will attract their fans to this page in an underhanded way! Sneaky CB, sneaky!

The list is as follows:

You are one of the hardest working authors I know, constantly writing, editing and promoting whilst lazy bones like me sit back and watch. What keeps you motivated?

Lazy bones like you who love reading my work! That’s a lot of motivation right there.

I could tell you a story about this, so I will. My entire life I have yearned to be creative and unleash something upon the world, but I always had chickened out right near the end of my projects and not finished them. Game concepts, board games, pen & paper RPGs, and many other projects have crossed swords with my coffee table, but I never could make the final push and release them.

I don’t know why, but this time I told myself I had to stick with it and finish something! My three part series is finished now, so I finally have finished something! …why I picked Elfrotica as the creative thing to focus on and finish, I will never know, but I am happy I did! It is such a great feeling being ‘out there’ (on multiple levels).

What sort of goals do you have for your career?

I have odd ones that are constantly getting updated. You need to celebrate success, even if it is something small! I have a tracker that has some ticks that I never thought would ever get ticked, but a lot more have then haven’t.

Some of my goals are not even pleasant, but it is still fun to check them off when they happen!

I will not share them all (as the list is extensive), but here are some examples of completed and not yet completed goals:

  • Give Away 100 books in one promotion (I revised the goal to 250, 500, and 1000 the day that one was broken!)
  • Get fan art to prove that I have made it!
  • Get compared to a certain author (not saying which) in a favourable way.
  • See Annals of Gentalia cosplay.

And finally, have you got any advice for the readers?

The same advice all video game themed things must give – Winners don’t do drugs!

Additional and finally, (yes, I am hijacking the ending of this interview to ask you a question) I have had some imposters popping up lately, and I was wondering if you have ever heard of the mysterious BC Fletcher. I can’t seem to get a lead on them.

BC Fletcher is my second favourite author, and favourite Annals of Gentalia fanfic writer! We will hopefully see more of BC soon!

CB Archer Amazon Author Page

Author Bio

CB Archer is a novelist who lives happily in the sunny Okanagan Valley, nestled in Canada (America’s Hat).

He maintains a regular secretive existence in the real world, and at night writes filthy filthy things that would make even the most experienced librarian change to Blush Shade #6 (The highest of the shades).

Hopes for future books within the same worlds exist within the minds of naughty gamers everywhere.


I’m answering the questions in another interview with CB here.



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