Butt Week!

#ButtWeek Blog

Hooray! It’s Butt Week!

What do you mean, what’s Butt Week?

My good buddy CB Archer hosts an annual Butt Week to promote his comedy erotica books, The Annals of Gentalia, The Tales of Gentalia, and the CUM series (College of United Monsters). As I love CB and his hilarious books I’m going to be supporting his Butt Week again. Expect daily posts about Butt Week!

CB writes queer monster-erotica. There’s MM, FF, MF, and pretty much any other combination you can think of, taking part in a wide variety of sexual acts. There’s quite a lot of butt-related stuff going on, so the Sherlock Holmes in me suspects that’s why he’s called this Butt Week.

During Butt Week, CB’s books either go on sale or are free, depending on the title. This is the perfect time to pick up some bargains and freebies. I’ve read all his books and think they’re great, but I especially recommend the epic Annals of Gentalia series. He skewers video games, Romance, Erotica, all manner of tropey goodness from the fantasy genre, queer stereotypes, and has created a fantastic cast of loveable characters. I love it!

To support CB, I’ve given him access to my stories to give away during Butt Week. I don’t write erotica, and there’s no butt stuff at all in a few of these books, but they’re available on his website, nevertheless, to anyone who wants them. After Butt Week you’ll be able to find them here on my blog and at a variety of retailers permafree.

Butt Week is an event hosted by queer erotica author and butt devotee, CB Archer. Head on over to his blog for free and discounted erotica and queer reads!


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