Spotlight on Keaton Clarke


You know who I’m talking about, don’t you? Keaton Clarke. THE Keaton Clarke. The kid who discovered The Keaton Clarke Room? You don’t know him? You must have been living under a rock because Keaton Clarke is a bona fide celebrity in the Gentalia universe.

Keaton is kind of a dick, bless him. His fame has gone to his head. I forgive him because he’s super cute. He also has a special place in my heart because he’s the protagonist in the first Tale of Gentalia, which is the first CB Archer book I read! The tale is one of my faves for that reason, though favourites tend to change depending on the last book I read. They all have their merits!

Keaton is one of the few Tales of Gentalia protagonists to enjoy real-world action. And by action I mean a week camped outside a shop to make sure he got the new Vambrace game, and a shower because he’s pretty stinky after said week. There’s an awful lot about Keaton’s stank, but there’s no real world “action.” He’s wearing his Vambrace undies though!

In game, Keaton is receiving the attention he craves in more ways than one. This game was coded for him, quite literally. They might have renamed The Keaton Clarke Room to The Cheater’s Room, but there are some very grateful sprites who are glad to have been skipped over. Keaton is a hero, and he receives a hero’s welcome into some pixelated elf butt by way of thanks. The final boss is less pleased to see him, but that’s another matter.

Butt Week is an event hosted by queer erotica author and butt devotee, CB Archer. Head on over to his blog for free erotica and queer reads!


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