Release Day Review: The Centaur of Attention by CB Archer


Regular blog readers will know CB Archer is my great friend and that I became his friend through reading his books and becoming a fan of his crazy sense of humour and love of puns. I dedicated almost all my books to him and then bugged him for ages to dedicate a book to me, pretending each and every one he released had my name on it.

Then this book arrived in my inbox and it is dedicated to me! The dedication he wrote was rubbish, however, so I rewrote it for him but he has gone with his original one. That’s okay. I’ll guilt him into dedicating another book to me, no problem.

Dedication aside, this is another fun instalment in his College of United Monsters (CUM) series. I read Centaur of Attention before I wrote Top of the Class and it’s what gave me the idea for having a centaur in my CUM fanfic, and for making CB major in World Building, amongst other things.

This is a tale of seemingly star-crossed lovers. Hugh is a geek. He and his friends like to get together of an evening and play Condos & Commoners, an exciting human roleplay game for monsters. Scott is a jock. He’s a star on the sportsfield and he has a killer body. How will they ever get together?

Obviously I loved this book. One, it’s dedicated to me, it would be impossible for me not to think it’s the greatest work of literature the world has ever seen; and two, would I have plundered it and fanficced it if I didn’t adore it? But wait, there’s more! This one has a particular focus on puns and eagle eyed readers should look out for clues to a pretty major twist in the tale.

Also, this represents the first in a three part story arc that is taking place in the college. See if you can spot the future villains!

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